Monday, February 14, 2011

Bee Industrious

Oil on Masonite - 8"x10" (20x25cm)
I got really lucky one day last summer as I was practicing with my telephoto lens. All set up on the tripod and just as I was about to push the shutter button a bee flew by yelling "HEY!!! I wanna be in the picture too!" and jumped onto this Mexican sunflower. What more could a guy ask for!
I had fun with the background on this as I tried to capture the blurring you get with a shallow depth of field from using a longer lens.
I like for my paintings to tell a story so I normally don't paint flowers because I can never figure out what story they might bring to mind. But this was on my inspiration board and I felt like today I needed to paint something that I could complete in one day.

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  1. Great job! Love the bee, and the flower of course.

  2. Thank you ladies. Well, we're having fun! I wonder where everybody else is???

  3. Give 'em time -- they'll join. It's a great sharing experience. Bee creative !