Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to MAKE COMMENTS on this blog

For those of you who might be new to blogging, we wanted to take some of the mystery out of how you can make comments about what you're reading here, so we thought some instructions might be a good idea. It's actually very easy, but there is one simple requirement; you need to be set up with any one of the six following types of accounts.

Google Gmail | LiveJournal | WordPress | TypePad | AIM | OpenID

If you already have one of these you're ready to start, just jump to the instructions below in "making your comment". If not, click on Google Gmail, LiveJournal, WordPress or OpenID above, (which are all free by the way), to either get an account or learn more about them. We suggest using Google Gmail because that's probably the easiest account to set up AND you won't have to enter another id and password when you want to make a comment. You don't have to use your Gmail account for your everyday email, you just need it to make comments on this (or any other) blog. (But it's always good to have a second email address anyway.) We also suggest that once you log into your new Google account, that you don't ever log out. It will automatically reopen whenever you start your computer and that way you will always be ready to comment here. And that's a good thing!

Making Your Comment
Once you have your account created, look for the word "comments" with a number in front of it near the bottom of the posting. The number is how many comments have already been made. If it's 0, that means you get to be first!
Just click on the "comments" link to open the box where you type your comment. When you've "had your say" look below for the place to choose your account type (the one of the six above that you created). If you're using a Google account it's probably already selected for you. Then click on "Post Comment" or "Preview"; either takes you to the next step.

If you want to change anything in your comment before you send it, click on "Edit" in the box, make your changes and "Preview" again.

When you're ready, look in "Word verification" for a group of letters that you will need to type into the little window right below them. (If this step gives you trouble, don't worry, there are unlimited "do overs" here.)

Click the "Post Comment" button AND YOU'RE DONE! :)

Now that didn't hurt much, did it? :)

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