Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Franklin Mountains"

This is my second painting of "Franklin Mountains"  In this painting I use more of a looser brush strokes and more bolder colors.  This first one was too realistic and although I had great comments on it, I just had to do another one that is more of what I was looking for and I am happy with the results.  This painting measured 30" X 30" oil on canvas.  This will be for sale in the gallery soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Size is a Relative Thing, seascape painting, Kirk Witmer

Daily Painting for May 9th - 6x8" - oil on archival panel
The title pretty much says it all. Oh! and ... SAVE THE WHALES!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Path

12x12 - oil on canvas

I was asked to provide a backdrop to a poster for the next exhibit at our church.  It needed to reflect the theme "The Way".  This is a painting I did from a photo I took a few weeks ago of the path that runs along the greenbelt in my back yard.  The trees still had some of the vibrant Spring green and the ground was covered with last years leaves.  The sun was bright shining through the trees which made the shadows on the path intense during my walk this particular morning.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Twelve Disciples"

This painting is one of two that I just recently entered in a competition in California. It is measured 24" X 36" oil on canvas. This is one of my many Spiritual series I have done.
The twelve poplar trees in this piece represent the twelve disciples in the Bible whose role is to carry a message of hope to people around the world.  The foliage of diverse sizes and levels in the painting represents people of all faiths; the different races and opinions; the diversity that makes the world interesting and unique. The main structure represents the church or the sanctuary where everyone is invited to gather and learn from each other; a place that offers rest for the weary, help for the lost, food for the hungry, help for all. The blue door on the building represents calm and relaxation. The moon, which is larger than normal, provides a bright light to show the way. The artist uses many colors in this painting, but is careful to make sure that they all relate to each other and co-exist well in the painting together.