Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Art of Roses

The Art of Roses poster by Heather Kasper Johns/Graphismo ©2012

Georgetown Art Works is celebrating "The Art of Roses" 
an Antique Rose Fundraiser that will benefit the Georgetown Art Center.

10 am - 4pm
Monument Market ( right next door to the Monument Cafe)

We are going to be selling Antique Roses in 2 gallon pots for $20.

Free Rose Gardening Classes throughout the day!

10:30 am - Rose Basics
The best roses for Central Texas & Soil 1010

Noon- Rose Care
Feeding, planting & pruning

2PM - Rose Organics
Disease maintenance and prevention

The event is made possible thanks to Monument Cafe, Graphismo and Aroma & Flora.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Educational material

Unfortunately I am, and will be, out of town for the meeting in Feb.
Sorry for the inconvenience. The DVD's will be available at the March meeting.
Thank you, Pat Langley

Monday, January 14, 2013

Liliana Wilson - February Guest Artist

Howdy Everyone! Mark your calendars for the February 5th meeting. Our guest on February will be Liliana Wilson, a chilean artist, who will be talking about her work. Her work deal with intense social, political and emotional barriers which create a subtle sense of turmoil. Through her drawings and paintings, she explores the power of complex emotions implicit in the human struggle for integrity. Her images come from the subconscious - realities collide on multiple levels while beauty emanates from her subjects.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Folk for Art Folk - A Concert Fundraiser for the Art Center

Georgetown Art Works needs to raise almost $100k over the next year, in behalf of our future Art Center. The City of Georgetown is covering the cost of remodeling the building, but they are not covering the everyday expenses of running the Art Center. We are working on fun ways that you can participate and help us raise the funds, like the upcoming "Ginger Thompson" concert. Tickets are $25 and includes live music, appetizers and drinks. The are available at the Georgetown Visitor Center and online. Come out, help out and have fun! Sunday, January 27th @ 4pm. The concert is being held at the Grace Heritage Center in Georgetown.