Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todd White - Photographer is the Guest Artist on September 4th

The 2012-2013 Art Guild Calendar is off to a great start, as we'll have photographer Todd White speak about his work. Todd is not only an Williamson County Art Guild member,but he works as a photographer, but also spends a lot of time photographing in India and has recently started Nomadic Routes Photography, a company that leads photography tours in India. Here Todd talks a little about his passion. My interest and passion with photographing people and “life” began during a month’s stay in India. The faces of the people and their everyday activities captured and touched my heart in a way that is hard to express. After the trip to India, humanitarian visits to Egypt, Kenya, Honduras and Ethiopia set the course for the next phase of my journey into photography. This led me into the role of a "visual storyteller." Shooting in both digital and film formats brings a distinctive look to my portfolio. This assures that each client receives photographs that reflect a unique style of photography. If you want to check out Todd's work, feel free to visit his website See you on September 4th and make sure to bring your artsy friends!

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