Saturday, July 07, 2012

July Framer's Gallery Report

Ahh, sultry July.  However, the heat abated some for Georgetown's First Friday celebration and lots of people came through to view the new art at the Framer's Gallery located at 610 S. Main in Georgetown, Texas. 

The following WCAG artists are displaying their art from now through August 1st:  Julie Arnold, Andrew Corbin, Kay Dimitri, Gretchen Hecht (GretchenArt), Holly Moore, Wes Odell, Joan L. McShane and Alexis Templeton.

As is the tradition on First Friday, gallery visitors voted for their favorite WCAG piece of art to determine the People's Choice Award.  Congratulations goes to Julie Arnold for her oil painting, "Lone Wolf." 

WCAG artists who would like to participate in August's show should contact the gallery chair, Connie Hartsfield at to make space reservations.

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