Monday, April 02, 2012 and copyright infringement is a website that created a place for you to share your stuff. Unfortunately it's a place where everybody else can share your stuff too. Without your knowledge or consent. And when that happens, you've lost control over your art. There's been a lot of controversy about Pinterest with regard to copyright infringement.

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But it's good that there's been controversy about it, because now has created the code that will allow you to protect your art from someone who may want to ... uh ... "borrow" it from a blog. That code has been installed on this blog and the artwork you've posted here is now protected from being "pinned" on Pinterest by anyone, except you if you choose to do that.
For those of you who have your own blog, and would like to protect your art, it's a simple easy fix. Just copy and paste the code into your blog's template. If you're not sure how to do that, just follow these instructions.

1. Copy (hi-lite it and [control-c]) the following line of code
<meta content='nopin' name='pinterest'/>

If any of the following images are too small for you to see
what's going on, just click on them to enlarge them.

2. Go to your blog's dashboard and click "Design".

3. In the top left click "Edit HTML".

4. Now Look for <HEAD> and place your cursor right behind it and hit "enter" to add a blank line. Then paste [control-v] that line of code you copied from above into the blank line.

5. Click the "Save Template" button and you're done! And your artwork is safe from being pinned on Pinterest.


  1. Any image that is RE-PIN'ned is GUARANTEED to be a copyright infringement. Why? If you re-pin it, it can't be yours.

    Pinterest's entire model is based on encouraging people to infringe on artists' and photographers' copyright. It doesn't allow you to upload your own photos. Only photos already on a website!

    Pinterest was only recently invented because until then, no one else had the balls to so explicitly encourage theft of content.