Sunday, March 06, 2011

Brush Stroke Demo

There is probably more "wrong" with this painting, than what's correct about it. I'm posting it to show how colors can be blended using "cross hatch" brush strokes. I was teaching this week and one of my students, "P", has a very bad habit of using mainly horizontal brush strokes... the basic house painting method. When you do this, it's very difficult to blend colors or soften lines. This is a 20 minute demo I did, using alizarin, french ultramarine blue, cad yellow pale and white paints on a 9"x12" canvas pad. The whole point of this demo was to show:

1. how to quickly blend the colors using cross hatching strokes

2 you really can make almost any color out of the 3 primary colors and white

3 the use of a few selective bold strokes can give a painting a "finished" look

Maybe I should go back and make corrections in the glaringly wrong areas. What do you think??

Connie Hartsfield

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  1. It's an inspiration to us all -- what can be done in 20 minutes. Very Nice.